Groceries support

Talking about today’s world, the basic necessities like clothes, house and food are not really enough to live a healthy life. There are few more things which have become a necessity like one cannot ignore brushing his/her teeth, taking a clean bath, eating 1 or 2 fruits at least once a week if not more. These things have become very necessary to live a healthy and disease free life.
We love hygiene; we want everything to be clean always, but have you ever thought what life are the poor old people who live on streets live? They may not even know what hygiene is, because, they may have not got a chance to be hygienic, why not we, educated people help them know about it, help them live a disease free life. We spend so much of money in making our lives luxurious, why not make their lives bit healthy too. GWE Ngo India is doing its bit to help them get a healthy life, help them be happy, be a part of the initiative and bring a smile on their faces.